Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two More Reasons Kit Fisto Rules!

Blogging about the Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv series made me realize that I had not posted some of the fantastic sketches I acquired this summer at conventions. Here's two very different, but equally cool interpretations of my fave green guy:

This piece was done by the amazing Katie Cook at Wizard World Chicago. She has done licensed work for DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Heroes, Lord of the Rings, and many others. In fact, she's so familiar with Star Wars, she did not need any reference photos at all for Kit. She's going to be contributing to the Clone Wars online comic soon (hope it stars Kit!).

This was drawn by Eric Basaldua (aka e.bas) at Dragon*Con. Now, Eric's not known for his portraits of male figures - quite the opposite - and he almost seemed uncomfortable sketching. But I think he rose to the challenge quite well! He's also a super nice guy, so maybe next year I'll make it up to him by asking him to draw Slave Leia.

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