Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gene Colan's Dracula

Last I read, legendary artist Gene Colan's condition has improved, but that doesn't mean the efforts to help support him are slowing down. This month, Marvel has released multiple products celebrating Gene's work with proceeds benefitting the ailing creator. The Gene Colan Tribute Book is a sampling of his diverse range as one of the greats at Marvel. Gene is the first artist I think of whenever I think of the comic book version of Dracula. Not only is Marvel issuing a timely poster this month, but Volume 1 of the Tomb of Dracula Omnibus should arrive in stores in time for Halloween. The price tag is too much for my wallet right now, but this collection will be on my shelf someday.

So do yourself and Gene a favor by stopping by your LCS and getting one or more of these items. Great art. Great cause. 'nuff said!

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