Friday, October 24, 2008

Ten Guys Who Are Not Me

I have a very popular name. When I first moved to the Atlanta area, a college friend wanted to get in contact with me and called directory assistance. The operator informed him that there were over 45 "Michael Gordon"s in the area! And not one of them was me, as the phone in my apartment was in my roommate's name. It is also a bit time-consuming Googling my name and trying to find an entry that is actually me. There are some interesting namesakes, though. Here are the Top Ten guys named Michael Gordon who are not me:

Wildlife advocate and owner of Critter Getters


Australian professional rugby league footballer

American composer and co-founder of the Bang on a Can festival

Hairdresser and founder and CEO of Bumble & Bumble salon


Bass player (and friend to Wookies)

Chief Military Correspondent of The New York Times

Film director

Singer in a Chicago-based R&B quartet

Having a popular name isn't bad, and it could have been worse. My mom once told me that she wanted to name me "Corey," but my dad opposed. Just for that alone, my father has my eternal gratitude...

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Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know ...

You could have been right up there with:

Corey Haim


Corey Feldman