Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Shuffle

About time for some shufflin'! This time I will limit the tunes to my "Boo!" playlist - songs perfect for a Halloween bash.

Sisters of Mercy "Lights"

We begin on a somber gothic note. I was totally into this band in the 80's and finally got to see them perform a few years ago. And I really wish I hadn't. Probably the most disappointing show I've ever been to. Still love listening to them though.

U2 "Helter Skelter"

"This is a song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles and we're stealing it back!" cries Bono at the beginning of this track. U2 manages to do the cover justice, but it is not near enough to wash the blood away.

Rollins Band "Ghostrider"

Not only do I think The Crow is one of the best comic book movies ever, the soundtrack is one of my favorite non-score cds in my collection. Ghost Rider has appearing in my life a lot lately. Creepy serendipity?

Billy Idol "White Wedding"

I'm sure Billy thought it would be funny to release a Christmas album a couple of years ago, but I just thought it was sad.

White Zombie "I'm Your Boogie Man"

This playlist currently has 597 songs on it and 130 of them are White Zombie/Rob Zombie. That means I should hear a Zombie track every 5 or 6 songs. I like those odds!

"End Credits"

The end (for now)...

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