Sunday, October 5, 2008

Iron Man Kotobukiya Statue

Let's face it, there's a lot of cool things out there I can't afford (yet), but some just make my jaw drop! The fine folks at Kotobukiya have been creating fine figures and statues for years and I always enjoy looking at their section in the newest Previews catalog. However, when I saw the ad for the Iron Man Fine Art Statue I just about wet myself!

I'm not even a die hard fan of ol' Shellhead, but I would love to have this on my shelf. It is a little over 13 inches tall and made of cold cast porcelain coated with metallic paint. The level of detail is typical of Kotobukiya craftsmen, but what absolutely sells me is the multiple LED lights which illuminate the eyes, palms, and chest. This staute is even impressive in the dark!

Scheduled be available next month, most stores will be selling this collectible for around $179, which is actually quite reasonable comparatively speaking. But at this time, there's no way I can justify such a purchase. Hopefully someday...

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