Saturday, October 4, 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Friday night saw the premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv series on Cartoon Network. The show is set after the events in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie, a film that I found to be equal parts cool and annoying. I'm very pleased to say that so far, the series leans more on the cool side. The first episode, "Ambush," features Yoda in the spotlight. Seeing the lil' green guy in action is always a good thing, and I anxiously await seeing an episode devoted to the big green guy, Kit Fisto.

For those who missed it, Cartoon Network is getting all the mileage they can from the series, so be sure to check the listings for when episodes are repeated (such as tomorrow night). While it can be argued it is not the Star Wars series that a lot of fans want (especially older fans), it is very well done and worth a look.

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