Friday, October 3, 2008

Down with C.B.T.

Since it has been a long time since I have posted regularly to this blog, it is only fair I write about one of the main things that has kept me busy -

My involvement with this project has been one the best things ever in my life and the site has only been active for about four months! The responses that we've received from the comics community have been overwhelmingly positive and we currently are hosting over 40 CBTs on the site. If you have not visited us lately, you're missing out on some cool stuff! What I am most proud of is the diversity of the projects advertised on the site. Sure we have some superhero books which is to be expected, but that's actually a small percentage of the promos. There are visions of the future, tales of the past, epic battles between creatures and humans, parables of the innocent vs demons, pulp mysteries, crime thrillers, and horror stories. With each CBT, there are some extremely talented folks represented. You can tell that these creators have a unique vision to bring to life and I am happy to help bring some attention to their efforts.

Did I mention that there's even a couple of new CBTs created by New Legend Productions?

And we are just getting started! Our goal is to reach the 100 CBT mark before the end of the year (we should be halfway there next week). We are working on version 1.5 of the site with some fixes and great new features which we believe will take us to the next level. We'll also be working at more aggressively getting our name out there so we can generate more traffic and even more attention to the projects on our site.

I cannot finish this post without acknowledging the awesome work done by my New Legend partner, Bill Kielhorn. Truth be told, the site could have been created without him, but it would not be even half as cool! Odds are, if you like anything about the site, it was his idea or he made it better. I'm not sure what has been more enjoyable, seeing the site come together or watching his enthusiasm.

So I ask...

You down with CBT?

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