Friday, March 7, 2008

In Love with an Older Woman

This post will mark my first week of posting daily and I thought I'd celebrate with some shameless self-promotion. This year, I had the special honor of writing The Untold Origins of Invisible Scarlet O'Neil, the official story of "America's First Female Superheroine".

I've always been a big fan of comic strips and comic books, but I had never heard of the character of Invisible Scarlet O'Neil before I met the son of creator Russell Stamm at last year's New York Comic Con. Russ Jr. is interested in reviving his father's legacy with new adventures in a modern setting, but I found myself captivated by the original series created in the 1940's. Scarlet was unique in so many ways - a strong, confident female character who was not dependent on a man, she was a heroine of compassion rather than action and violence, and oh yes, she also had the power to transform herself into an invisible being. As far as I've been able to research thus far, Scarlet O'Neil is the first leading lady in a comic series with a superpower. The daily strip lasted for fifteen years and then Scarlet literally disappeared! How exactly did that happen?

It is a mystery I am eager to unravel, and the 32 page comic book size Untold Origins is just the first step. I continue to work with Russ Jr. with the franchise as he continues development of a new Scarlet series. In addition to consulting on the official Scarlet promotions, I am in charge of the Scarlet news blog and there will be some pretty big announcements coming soon. I am also at the forefront of efforts to reprint the original strips in some kind of prestige editions. The interest is there, but it has been a challenge to collect the entire work in a high resolution format. "If it were easy it wouldn't be worth doing." I'm not sure who to credit for that quote, but I've often found it to be true in life, especially in this case. The more I discover about this Golden Age character the more I want to share with others.

All this is really just an extremely wordy way to say, "Buy my book, please!" And thank you for your support!

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