Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Artist Spotlight - Jeremy Haun

A great way to use this space is to spotlight talents who have entertained, educated, fascinated, and inspired me through the years. These are people whose work I devotedly follow from project to project and I would be very honored to work with someday.

A perfect example is artist Jeremy Haun. I first encountered Haun's work on the 2002 Image series Paradigm. To be frank, I had a lot of difficulty following the story of that book, but the art kept me coming back for more (that's meant as no offense to the writer as I'm pretty sure the complex narrative was the intent). Since then, I've enjoyed much of his independent work in Desperadoes, Battle Hymn, and The Leading Man. I've been really jazzed to see him now working for the "big boys." He and Christos Gage were responsible for one of the few Marvel Civil War books I really liked, Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy at Heroes Con in Charlotte last year and he is as nice as he is talented.

But enough words about the man. Check out his art!

This is a commission he did for my Dracula collection last year.

Here's an image of Christine Spar included in his 2007 Convention Sketchbook. I liked it so much, when he put it up for sale on eBay, it was mine!

Title page from first issue of The Leading Man:

Yes, he can draw superheroes too...

I would LOVE to see him on a pirate series (written by me of course)!

Battle on, Jeremy Haun!

Check out more of his stuff at and his MySpace page. And, of course, fine comic shops and book stores everywhere!

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