Friday, March 14, 2008

Heavy Metal Noise

Today, it was officially announced that Paramount Pictures is planning a new animated Heavy Metal film. This comes as hard, head-banging, loud, rockin' music to my ears! The new animated film will consist of eight or nine individual shorts that will mirror the format of the anthology magazine. So far, three directors have already been named participants - David Fincher, Tim Miller, and Kevin Eastman (owner and publisher of the Heavy Metal magazine).

This comes a GREAT news to me as I loved the first Heavy Metal film almost as much as I was disappointed by the 2000 sequel. However, I have one suggestion I would strongly recommend at the top of my lungs to Paramount, David Fincher, Kevin Eastman and anyone else who has a say in who will be involved in this film:


I cannot think of a better talent to bring into this project than Rob. He knows how to rock. He knows animation and comics. He knows sex, violence and irreverent humor that would fit perfectly with this project. And if that doesn't sell you on his qualifications, how about the idea of a segment featuring two characters based on Julie Strain and Sheri Moon Zombie (the wives of Eastman and Zombie)...

It is the stuff dreams are made of. The kind of dreams I can't really go into detail about since my parents will probably be reading this. Let me just say that IMHO this is simply too cool NOT to happen. Make it so!

However, one reason that Rob Zombie might pass on the project if it were offered to him, is that he is currently working on his own animated feature (the origin of the second image above), The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. I wish nothing but the best for Zombie's solo work, but I sincerely hope he participates in next Heavy Metal film.

That would truly ROCK!

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