Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beware the Ides of March

Late last night, a twister tore through the city of Atlanta, cutting a 6-mile path of destruction through the city. It is the first time a tornado has ever hit downtown, with a path of 6 miles and winds up to 130 mph. The storm interrupted the Mississippi State-Alabama SEC game at the GA Dome as the building itself was hit.

Roof of the GA Dome

Blown out windows of CNN Building

Downtown Omni

More destruction

Like a warzone

Storms have continued throughout north Georgia, and there is still a tornado watch in effect until 7pm tonight. So far there have only been two reported fatalities - one in Polk County the other in Floyd County, both near the Alabama line. We actually live NE of Atlanta in Gwinnett County and have been very fortunate. We have not yet seen any signs of tornados, just heavy showers and thunderstorms. Other areas are seeing massive hail storms. Due to the drought, we have repeatedly wished for rain, but not like this.

Photos courtesy of AJC readers.

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