Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dave Stevens 1955-2008

I haven't yet gotten my mind around losing comic great Steve Gerber a month ago, and now it is reported that artist/creator Dave Stevens past away yesterday. Dave was the creator of The Rocketeer and I don't blame him one bit for my disappointment in the movie - the comic was always solid. His forte was drawing glamour girls and there aren't too many others I could name that can draw 'em prettier! Stevens had a particular affection for model Betty Page and was married to Brinke Stevens for a little while. I recall him as a judge at the Betty Page Look-a-Like contests in the early days of Dragon*Con. Recently, I'd wondered why he had not been the Atlanta convention in many years (D*C's Look-a-Like contest for the past ten years has been centered on Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn character). Little did I know he has been suffering from leukemia for the past few years.

Not much else to say about the man except check out his art. Dave Stevens gave us images that will last forever...

You can find much more beautiful artwork at www.DaveStevens.com.

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