Sunday, March 2, 2008

Best Valentine Ever

While I was attending ACE last month, I commissioned Stephanie Gladden to draw a piece featuring the two Simpsons characters that best represent myself and my gal. For me, it is easily the Comic Book Guy (aka Jeff Albertson). In fact, I have actually been stopped by strangers because of the resemblance - how sad is that! Since my girlfriend collects cats like I collect comics, the recurring Crazy Cat Lady character (aka Eleanor Abernathy) was the perfect choice. However, I'm very happy to point out that Michelle looks far more attractive - though in addition to their love for cats, I was surprised to learn they do share similar political views.

Having once worked on The Simpsons comic, Stephanie was the perfect choice for artist and I think you'll agree she knocked it out the park! If you ever have the chance to meet her at a convention, I strongly recommend you do so - she's as nice as she is talented! She actually drew the very first piece I have in my sketchbook (Underdog) and I will no doubt get more in the future.

I colored the piece in PhotoShop and presented it to my girl on Valentine's Day. Her reply? "This is perfect! " Doesn't get any better than that! Too bad the Mexican dinner we had that night did not agree with her and she got pretty sick...

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