Friday, March 21, 2008

Movie Review - Superbad

Earlier this week, I finally sat down and watched Superbad on DVD. I had heard from quite a few people that it was the funniest movie of 2007. I didn't see very many comedies at all last year and out of those I did see, only Hot Fuzz and The Simpsons Movie stand out. I would not rank this movie above those, but it is difficult to compare them since they are so different in style and substance.

I laughed a lot while watching Superbad. It is an honest but extremely exaggerated coming-of-age teen comedy that displays some real talent. Whenever he is on screen, Jonah Hill owns this movie and I see many starring roles in his future. Christopher Mintz-Plasse makes his big screen debut and has one of the funniest lines of last year:

My only real critique of Superbad is that I wish it had remained focused on the teen plot and not spent so much time with the two cop characters. I know that one of the officers was played by Seth Rogan who was the co-writer and an executive producer, but I wish he'd had less of a presence onscreen. As much I loved the McLovin' character, the countless scenes with him and the cops just took me away from the main story.

Otherwise, Superbad belongs on the same shelf with the best teen comedies. It is raunchy, rude, and over-the-top fun. And here's a fun fact: according to the IMDB, the f-word is used 186 times in the movie. The movie itself is only 118 minutes long. That averages to approx. 1.6 uses of the word per minute! However, Christopher Mintz-Plasse did not utter the word at all since he was only 17 when the movie was in production.

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