Saturday, October 6, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Spooky Books - Eduardo Risso's Tales of Terror

I first became aware of artist Eduardo Risso with the 100 Bullets series written by Brian Azzarello. The team have also had recent success with the Batman: Knight of Vengeance Flashpoint miniseries. They make a great creative team and only recently did I discover that Risso has much European success teaming up with Italian writer Carlos Trillo.

Eduardo Risso's Tales of Terror features 11 short stories recently translated for english readers. No matter what the language the text is in, Risso's work shines! Each chapter has a different setting and subject, but all are presented in in Risso's unique style, deceptively simple yet oh-so-creepy!

Thanks to Dynamite Entertainment for offering this reprinted material and especially for presenting it in black & white. A true must-have for horror comic fans and art lovers alike!

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