Saturday, October 13, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Spooky Books - The X-Files

Since today is Chris Carter's birthday, I can't help but think of the phenomenon that was The X-Files. At the height of the series popularity, Topps released a comic series and it was quite good despite not having any of the show's writing staff participate. Writer Stefan Petrucha understood the subject matter and created an intricate conspiracy exclusive to the comic. Later stories written by John Rozum were great too. I was also introduced to artist Charlie Adlard who continues to impress me with his work on The Walking Dead (more on that tomorrow). And the gorgeously creepy covers by Miriam Kim!

I encourage any fans of the series to check out the trade collections (I don't see the original issues very often in discount bins). They are very faithful to the tv show and have the same atmosphere as the early seasons. If you're looking for good stories featuring Mulder and Scully, The Books Are Out There!

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