Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spooky Books

Here's a list of my top five favorite fiendish fiction...

5. The Monster at the End of This Book
This was my favorite book as a child and even now it still makes the cut. Suspense, destruction, humor, and a monster on every page. What's not to love?

4. I Am Legend
I only read this short story recently, just after the Wil Smith movie hit the theaters. After I was done, my first thought was, "What took me so long?" A post-apocalyptic vampire/zombie story that feels so real.

3. The War of the Worlds
A classic in every sense. The only thing I cannot figure out is how Spielberg managed to make it dull.

2. Interview with a Vampire
I can understand why the kids today are interested in the Twilight series. This was the book that inspired my interest in vampires (without the glitter).

1. Dracula
By the time I was in college, I had read the Anne Rice vampire series (when it was a trilogy) and seen many, many vampire movies. I thought it was about time I tackle the one that started it all. I thought that it would be a quick read with no surprises since I had seen more than a few of the movie adaptations. I was unprepared for how well-crafted and frightening this book is. To this day, I see images from the novel in my nightmares. I want to read it again someday, but to be honest, I think I'm too scared.

To see more books I recommend (and some I do not), visit my Shelfari page. Here are a couple currently in my "To Read" stack...

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Evil Ways

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Bobby Nash said...

How cool is it for Evil Ways to be in the same list as The Monster At The End Of This Book (LOVED this book as a kid)? You rock, Mike. Thanks.