Thursday, October 22, 2009

This Halloween, The Hunt Continues Live

I have never had a paranormal experience in my life, but I do not dispel the notion that ghosts (or something similar) exist. I completely understand the fascination with and popularity of the Ghost Hunters on SyFy. And it certainly comes to no surprise that the ratings are up this time of year (nearly twice of other competing shows, such as Ghost Lab on Discovery and Extreme Paranormal on A&E). Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and the rest of the crew have proven they are the best and there's even more on the way with another spin-off, Ghost Hunters Academy, premiering next month.

It has become an annual Halloween tradition that millions of viewers get to spend the night on a case with the Ghost Hunters investigating the paranormal. This year, the target is the Essex County Hospital Center in New Jersey, where it is estimated that over 10,000 deaths occurred. The TAPS crew has visited the site before, but felt it warranted another look. The place has so much history of violence and abuse, there are bound to be some restless souls still lurking. Due to my movie marathon, I will not be following the event the entire night, but it will be interesting to check in between flicks.

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