Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Shuffle '09 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Time to listen to some random tracks on my Halloween-themed playlist, simply titled "Boo!"...

U2 "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

To paraphrase Bono, "This song is not a Halloween song..." Sure this track refers to the trouble in Northern Ireland, but there is something spooky about this particular version, especially when you watch the video shot at Colorado's Red Rocks Ampitheater.

KISS "Detroit Rock City"

KISS is THE Halloween band (more on them later this month)! This particular song reminds me of the 1950 thriller Panic in the Streets.

Earshot "Headstrong"

This was one of the most disappointing movies I've ever seen, though I did like two things about it: 1) The casting of the lovely Aaliyah (a gifted talent taken much too soon) and 2) the soundtrack which featured a bunch of songs written by Jonathan Davis (Korn).

Sin "Painful"

Another disappointing movie with a decent soundtrack.

Monster Magnet "Live For The Moment"

This track is the theme song for WWE Superstar Matt Hardy and one of my faves.

The Beatles "Helter Skelter"

Last year when I did this, the U2 cover of this song came up. With both The Beatles and Roman Polanski being current hot topics, it is somewhat appropriate to listen to the original. In the spirit of Halloween and the words of John Lennon, I'll stop this post at the sixth track before I get "blisters on my fingers!" More later...

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