Saturday, May 2, 2009

FCBD 2009 Comics and Sketches

A good time was had by least at the comic shop I was today. There was a very good turnout today at Galactic Quest, and with good reason. First, there were the FREE comics. I picked up 10 issues that caught my eye and have already read through a few. Overall, the quality was pretty good - these aren't just reprints or preview pages of upcoming issues. Kudos to the publishers for giving us some original material. Marvel's Avengers comic was fun and the art was gorgeous! My only beef was that the book itself was a smaller size than a regular comic. Shame on them for shrinking Cheung's stunning pages! DC's Blackest Night prelude did the job - I'm eager to read this summer event! The Savage Dragon story was ol' fashioned comic goodness. And The Stuff of Legend has an intriguing premise and fanciful artwork, so I'll be adding the first of two issues to this month's order for sure. Kudos to Kyle for stocking a large variety of books today. Many independent publishers participate in the FCBD event and it was nice to see them represented on the rack along with the majors.

There were also some talented comic book folks at the store today, and I got a couple of sketches from two guys as nice as they are talented (which is to say a lot). Bobby Nash, whose main role is usually that of writer, added the following to my sketchbook celebrating the release of the Domino Lady: Sex as a Weapon anthology.

Writer, penciller, and inker extraordinaire Nathan Massengill was also in attendance. I've wanted a Scarlet sketch from him ever since we first discussed the character at the ACE convention last year, so today was the perfect opportunity. Nathan did not disappoint. I think it is quite apparent he had fun with it!

Many thanks to the folks at Galactic Quest for hosting a fun event. Today had everything that a comic fanboy like me could want - free comics (that were actually quite good), fine conversation with other fanboys and girls, talented folks showing off their work, and two welcome additions to my sketchbook. Oh, and I also saw some more pages from my artist for my latest project. I can't wait to share 'em! This might have been the best FCBD I have ever attended, which is saying a lot since all the while I was in some physical pain from having my wisdom teeth removed recently. Can't wait to do it again next year - hopefully pain-free!

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