Thursday, January 27, 2011

LCS Tour - Richard's Comics

Richard's Comics & Collectables
Greenville, SC

One of the dealers at the Charlotte Mini Con this weekend was Richard Morgan, and we also made it a point to visit his store on the return trip. And I'm so glad we did! Out of the many stores I have visited, Richard's Comics & Collectables gets my vote for best maximum use of minimal space! I can't believe all the items in this store - the current titles, decent backstock, shelves full of trades, figures and statues, original comic art for sale, gaming cards, and much more. I actually nearly got lost looking around the shop and it is one of the smallest ones we've been to! Not only did I find some cool stuff to buy, but also gave me some ideas for organizing my own geek space.

To check out all the Local Comic Shops I have visited on this tour, check out my LCS Tour Google Map!

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