Thursday, January 13, 2011

LCS Tour - Bunjee's Comics & The Book End

Last weekend, fellow writer Bobby Nash and myself embarked on the first leg of our LCS Tour 2011. There are many comic shops in the local area that neither of us had visited in a while (if at all) and we thought it would be fun to travel around to see what it is out there. I love me some comic shops! I hardly ever leave one without buying something. And this is a great opportunity to promote my current projects as well! We began with a store I had not been to in a couple of years...

Bunjee's Comics
McDonough, GA

Bunjee's Comics has been in business since 1993. The first store was in Griffin, GA and later they opened a second store in McDonough. Sadly, last year the decision was made to close the Griffin store. I wish I'd visited the original as I've heard great things about it from fanboys and fangirls in the area. I had been to the McDonough store a couple of times a few years ago and was impressed by the selection and the service. I'm pleased to say that both are still excellent! This was the first time I'd had the pleasure of speaking with Bill, the owner, who was in good spirits despite the recent consolidation. In fact, he very much wants to expand the remaining store to accommodate the combined inventory. For a store in the southern outskirts of Atlanta, the stock of books and figures is impressive! In addition to the latest and greatest superhero comics, you'll also find a diverse array of indie titles. I don't often get a chance to travel to McDonough, but Bunjee's Comics is worth the trip!

The Book End
Stockbridge, GA

To be honest, I had never heard of The Book End until Bill from Bunjee's generously recommended we check it out, and I'm glad he did. I felt right at home as soon as I walked in the store! In addition to a wall full of new releases, the place is chock full of back stock. My budget would not allow me to dive in, but I spotted some rare gems just looking casually though the boxes. The place had an active crowd of card gamers which was nice to see among the used books and memorabilia. It was a real treat to chat with Paul, the co-owner, who made sure we left the store smiling!

Much thanks to both stores for their hospitality and thanks to Bobby for the photos and the driving duties! I also want to thank Mother Nature for not snowing on Saturday! I look forward to visiting more local comic stores in the near future!

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A good time was had indeed.