Thursday, January 27, 2011

LCS Tour - Heroes Aren't Hard to Find

Heroes Aren't Hard to Find
Charlotte, NC

This past weekend, we decided to take our LCS Tour out of the state, mainly because we were going to check out the Charlotte Mini Con, operated by Shelton Drum. The con itself was fun, though on a smaller scale than Shelton's world-renown "other" convention - HeroesCon - one of my personal fave cons every year. Though Shelton is recognized as the organizer of some great cons, he is also the owner of one of the best comic stores in the world, Heroes Aren't Hard to Find. Much like his conventions, comics not only take center stage, but nearly the entire stage! You will find an impressive assortment of current monthly titles (main and indie) as well as trades. There's a decent kids section in front and sweet statues throughout. And the life-size figures of Spider-Man battling Doctor Octopus hanging overhead are noteworthy attractions for any kid at heart! So if you are ever in the Charlotte area to attend one of Shelton's cons (and you should!), make sure you stop by Heroes Aren't Hard to Find. And if you happen to be in town when there is not a con, never fear! The same atmosphere and spirit can be found at shop on a daily basis!

To check out all the Local Comic Shops I have visited on this tour, check out my LCS Tour Google Map!

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Shawn Daughhetee said...

Thanks for the kind words Mike! Glad you had fun at the store and the Minicon!