Thursday, September 2, 2010

ESO Podcast - Episode 23

This week on ESO, Mike, Dan and Mike go back to where it all started and talk about “An Unearthly Child” the very first story of Doctor Who back in 1963 which introduced William Hartnell as the Doctor. Then we be joined once again by our friend Kat as we talk about Superheroes on live action TV.

Join us for another fun filled podcast that goes along with Episode 23: How Did That Police Box End Up in a Junk Yard?

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:02:00 News
0:12:35 Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child
0:44:35 Live Action Super Heroes on TV
1:45:35 Show Close
Listen to ESO #23 here, or download this podcast from iTunes.

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