Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cover Rave - Brave and the Bold #79

It was a thrill meeting Neal Adams a couple of weeks ago at Dragon*Con 2010! I have been working on a complete collection of the Brave and the Bold series since I can remember. IMHO, one of the best issues of the series was the first to feature interior art by (then) newcomer Neal Adams - Brave and the Bold #79. I believe it is also the first encounter between Batman and Deadman. It is a great issue and even greater is the reprinted version featured in the Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams Volume 1. After my purchase of the hardcover, I compared the re-coloring to the original and it is a definite improvement. These days, you can get the collection for about the same cost as the single issue in very good condition. Unless you are trying to complete your collection like me, I would strongly recommend adding the collected edition to your library!

Brave & the Bold #79
Artist: Neal Adams

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