Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010 - Celebs and Signings

The highlight of this year's Dragon*Con for me was meeting two true legends of the comic book industry - Stan Lee and Neal Adams. I have been to conventions that one or the other had attended in the past, but a couple of years ago it occurred to me that the next time I had the opportunity to thank those who had inspired me, I should not pass it up. In particular, Stan "The Man." It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the "Distinguished Competition," but I do love Marvel characters as well, especially Spider-Man. And the chance to show my appreciation to one of Spidey's creators? Could not pass it up! I originally was thinking of bringing my copy of reprinted stories from Amazing Spider-Man for Stan to sign, but the wear and tear is too great. It probably would have crumbled to dust as soon as he placed ink on it. So, a couple of months ago I took advantage of a sale on Marvel hardcovers and purchased Marvel Visionaries: Stan Lee. Awesome collection of his early work and I strongly recommend it and if you can get it signed by Stan himself, so much the better! In addition to the signing, I also attended his panel on Saturday and listened to him recount to old days as well as hype his new projects, for which he has many. And I'll be damned if he didn't sell me on the new stuff! I pre-ordered the first issue of Soldier Zero and will actually keep an eye out for his upcoming project with Archie Comics. "The Man" has still got it!

I also was super excited to see Neal Adams in the Dragon*Con Comics and Pop Art area! I purchased a hardcover of the first volume of Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams collection and had it personalized. I hope Neal returns next year and the year after so I can get volumes 2 & 3 directly from him as well! I was sad to have missed the Batman panel featuring Adams, Paul Dini, Brian Stelfreeze, and Tim Sale, but did meet a few of those guys in the artist area. Speaking of great Batman artists, I also met Kelley Jones for the first time and reconnected with many writer and artist folks. The Comics and Pop Art area was hopping this year and I look forward taking part in it more directly in 2011.

But Dragon*Con is not just about comics (hee hee)! This year, I was able to complete my Star Trek Captains Collection of autographs with Scott Bakula. To be honest, I was a bit stunned by his signing rate, but he is a nice guy and we had a great little conversation about Porthos. I also added another cast member from Deep Space 9, Rene Auberjonois and another from The X-Files, William B. Davis.

However, my fave non-comic-book-related celebrity meeting was Adam Savage from Mythbusters. Adam busted the myth that "the first time is the greatest" as his panel this year was even more entertaining than the previous year's (which was great as well). I also got to meet the man himself and can confirm the myth that even a Savage can be a decent, down-to-earth bloke.

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