Monday, August 9, 2010

Cover Rave - Adventure Comics #452

Ever since his return in Blackest Night, Aquaman has been getting a lot of buzz. I am enjoying the character's resurgence and have read some good stories with him in the past. It didn't hurt that one of the first Aquaman comics I ever picked up featured one of the most defining moments in the Sea King's history - Adventure Comics #452. Great storytelling by David Michelinie, awesome art from Jim Aparo (IMHO, "the" Aquaman artist), and the shocking fate of Arthur Jr. make this a classic comic in every sense of the word. It is a travesty that this hard to find adventure has never been traded, nor has the tremendous contributions by Aparo been spotlighted with a prestige collected edition. I hope that Aquaman's recent popularity will correct that. I apologize that this entry's scan is a bit beat up, but it reflects my love for this book over the years.

Adventure Comics #452
Artist: Jim Aparo

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