Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Top of the Stack - Justice League of America #14

The momentary pause in the drama that is the BoSox postseason allowed me time to catch up on some reading. The was some good stuff in the pile as well including Captain America, Fables, The Spirit, Brave & the Bold as well as this week's Countdown. However, the issue that I grabbed first was Justice League of America #14!

I know there was some concern among DC fanboys when best-selling author Brad Meltzer left the book, but I was confident that Dwayne McDuffie would do the title justice (pun intended). His work as a writer/producer of the animated Justice League Unlimited series left little doubt that the man knows the subject matter. However, even I am surprised at what a blast this title is now!

McDuffie has brought the same energy and playfulness to this title as he did to his animated series work. It really feels as if he is a ten-year-old playing in his room with his action figures. The return of the Injustice League? It looks like he's not going to leave any figures in the toybox! I enjoyed Meltzer's run, but it wasn't until now that I realized how serious it was...too much so at times. What we have so far with this arc is not a complete opposite, but more of a balance.

Ed Benes and Sandra Hope provide the great art for this fun ride. There's still time to hop on - just go to your LCS and pick up the JLA Wedding Special, along with Justice League of America #13 & 14. The next chapter is expected in stores the week of Thanksgiving. My thanks go to DC for putting McDuffie on this title!

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