Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cowboys & Indians

Calling all members of Red Sox Nation, it's time once again to "Cowboy Up!"

The BoSox face the Cleveland Indians in this year's ALCS and it looks to be a humdinger of a tussle! The Tribe neatly disposed of the "Evil Empire" last week and they are definitely NOT to be underestimated. However, I do feel confident that we will prevail. Today in preparation for the series, the BoSox organization unveiled new away uniforms...

All humor aside, let's also have a moment of silence for my beloved Cubbies.

They ran into the chainsaw that is the Diamondbacks last week. I must admit, I had very limited exposure to the D-backs this past season, but they sure impressed the heck outta me! They are scary good!

This should also be a great series and if the Rockies stay hot, it could be the beginnings of a baseball rivalry for the ages.

Too bad it's on so late!

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