Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Favorite Monsters - Starro the Conqueror

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My Favorite Monsters
Starro the Conqueror

I'll admit that when I was younger, I was not impressed by a ginormous starfish as a big baddie. However, I've grown to respect Starro over the years and not just because he has the historic distinction of being the first foe of the Justice League (it is a lifetime dream that I'll one day be able to afford Brave & the Bold #28 to complete my collection). While he is large and powerful enough to require more than one superhero to defeat him, my favorite characteristic is his mini-me spores which he uses to mentally control all who oppose him. He is one of the most unique antagonists in the DCU and I geeked out when I saw him battling the Marvel heroes in the 2003 JLA/Avengers crossover.

Starro has made numerous appearances in DC animated adventures (though I'm surprised he never appeared in the Super Friends series). My favorite use of him outside comics is in The Brave & the Bold series in which he was featured in a season-long story line.

Another Starro item on my wish list is the 2010 Sand Diego Comic Con Exclusive DC Universe Infinite Heroes Justice League set, which not only contained the figures to recreate the first appearance cover, but also mini spores you could attach to any 6" figure in your collection.


Starro has only appeared in the "New 52" as cameo in the first team-up of the Justice League (much to my disappointment). Before the DCU was rebooted, there was a very cool run of R.E.B.E.L.S. that introduced a humanoid Starro that I would love to see continue in some way.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Aquaman was always there to kick that monster's tentacles!

Mike Gordon said...

Thanks for the comment, C-Joe!

Starro and the Sea King go together like fish in a barrel!

Adventure Comics #451 is one of my favorites! I was very honored to meet writer David Michelinie earlier this year and have him sign my copy.