Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cover Rave - Wonder Woman #5

Today is International Women’s Day and I can think of no better time than to spotlight the new Wonder Woman comic series from DC Comics. She's been one of my favorite female characters in all of comics and I would not hesitate to put her in the top five of fave superheroes of any gender. She has had a difficult time throughout her history of being as well developed of a character as she is an iconic symbol, but I am pleased to say that her current comic series is very well written by Brian Azzarello with fantastic art by Cliff Chiang and Tony Akins. There has been a lot of fanboy discussion about her new outfit and I had not really formed any definite opinion until I saw this cover and said "Wow!" The cover of Wonder Woman #5 is my favorite cover thus far from the "New 52."

Wonder Woman #5
Artist: Cliff Chiang


Maxx Ramrod said...

I like the new outfit. It kept the style and color scheme but took the U.S.A. flag off of it. Really, an amazon from a magical island is gonna go American? She left the island to keep the Americans from coming there looking for that goober Air force pilot. Then she had to keep the Nazi's away. Never understood why she was dressed in a flag!?!

Unknown said...

As I recall, they tried to write that it was just a coincidence that the Amazon outfit matched the good ol' US colors, but it never really made sense. There was also a recent debate on whether she should wear shorts or not. I see nothing wrong with the current outfit, especially as drawn on this cover.