Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cover Rave - Tales of the Unexpected #41

Yesterday, I learned that Sheldon Moldoff had passed away. Shelly’s career spanned over five decades, working primarily for DC Comics. “Shelly” was the primary penciller on Detective Comics and Batman from 1953 to 1968. He was THE Batman comic artist during the run of the popular series featuring Adam West and Burt Ward. Moldoff is credited with creating the characters of Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze. He also provided covers for a number of other DC Comics, including Flash Comics #1 (first appearance of Jay Garrick) and All-America Comics #16, which introduced the world to Green Lantern (Alan Scott).

I do not have many individual issues of Batman nor Detective Comics during his run, but I did find this little gem in my collection, a cover he did for Tales of the Unexpected. Though not in great condition, it nevertheless struck a cord with me last year while hunting for back issues.

Tales of the Unexpected #41
Artist: Sheldon Moldoff

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