Friday, October 1, 2010

Countdown to Halloween - Cover Rave - Fables #78

It's time to get spooky once again! I had a lot of fun participating in last year's Countdown to Halloween! So much so, I was eager to inform them to "count" me in this year as well! Every day of October, I will be delivering a Halloween-themed post, some of which I will incorporate to other featured entries. Such as "Cover Rave". It seemed a no-brainer to put on display some of the most haunting comic book covers in my collection. One that easily comes to mind is Fables # 78. This creepy image by James Jean could have easily been the movie poster for a Japanese horror flick. The issue itself centers around the return of "Mister Dark," the big bad who is plaguing our heroes in the book currently, but the frightening Fable figure featured on the front is none other than Baba Yaga.

Fables #78
Artist: James Jean

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