Monday, October 18, 2010

Countdown to Halloween - Cover Rave - Logan #3

Selecting favorite covers is not hard. Narrowing them down is. I fully admit that for the Countdown to Halloween, I am trying to bring some attention to ones that may not come to mind at first. I believe when it comes to drawing the stylized scary, no one would be surprised to see Eduardo Risso on the list. Sure, he's most known for his comic crime noir work on 100 Bullets, but give him a chance with some of the supernatural and he knocks it out of the park! The three-part Logan series is not Halloween-themed, but rather a horrifying tale of two survivors of Hiroshima. And if you crave more Risso work (and why won't you?), I strongly recommend his Tales of Terror collections by Dynamite and the Vampire Boy that was just released from Dark Horse.

Logan #3
Artist: Eduardo Risso

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