Monday, May 19, 2008

Not-So-Free Art

Recently there has been some works of art sold at some extremely high prices. For instance, the highest amount ever spent for a single comic page is now $200,000, which a major collector has paid for Wally Wood's original cover art for Weird Science #16 (1952). Definitely a classic piece by a master at his peak!


Also recently a 1962 painting of Green Lantern by non-comic artist Mel Ramos was sold at $600,000. It is odd to me that this particular picture of Hal Jordan would generate more interest than any art drawn by any of the actual comic artists who worked on GL throughout the years. This piece was created by a "Pop Artist," and like some of the works of Warhol and Lichtenstein, I really can't decide if it is tribute or a satire. Perhaps it is both and that's why it was able to get such a high sale. Two for the price of one!


However, what astounds me is a painting auctioned off last month that sold for a whopping $34 million - the most expensive work ever spent on a living artist. The 1995 oil on canvas piece by Lucian Freud is titled "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping."


Now far be it for me to make any jokes about the size of the lady pictured. In fact, if it were me as the subject instead, you wouldn't see much of the couch! And I have no problem with the style or technique. But 34 MILLION FRELLING DOLLARS!?!?!?! Even if I could fathom having that much in the bank and in some weird Brewster's Millions scenario I had to spend it all on a piece of art, this painting would be far from my first choice. I just don't get it.

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