Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Amazing Donation

Puzzled as I was yesterday (and still am) over the high prices of various art pieces, I just learned that a couple of weeks ago, an anonymous donor gave the U.S. Library of Congress all the original artwork by Steve Ditko for Marvel Comics' "Amazing Fantasy #15" the first ever appearance of Spider-Man.

Let that sink in for a moment. The original 24 comic pages drawn by Steve Dikto and and written by Stan Lee in 1962 that introduced one of the most famous superhero pop culture characters of all time.

And someone donated them to the Library of Congress.

Donated = gave them away for free.

Wow! I can only imagine what the pages are worth on the open market. Recently, there was an eBay auction for Bob Kane's personal copies of Batman #1-3. The asking price was $67,5000 (which was not met), but these were not the original drawn pages (wonder if those exist?).

Nothing is known about the donor, though it has been reported that this was done with Dikto's blessing. Oddly enough, Stan Lee has been quiet on this subject. I can only deduce that who ever he/she is, they can afford giving away this priceless piece of comic pop culture history. Kudos to him/her for this selfless act.

With great artwork comes great responsibility.

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