Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Whip It Good!

Yesterday was the opening of the official Indiana Jones online store! I was hoping that it was just an April Fool's Day joke because I don't need such temptations! If it wasn't already on its death throws, my bank account could take a serious beating here. They have some very cool t-shirt designs (I think my favorite is the "Blue Map Indy Shirt"), books, figures, and LEGOS. I wish the LEGO Indiana Jones video game was going to be released for the Mac, but I will probably be able to play the PC version on my dual-boot iMac.

One item missing from the official Indy store is a replica of his signature weapon. But fear not, fellow Indy fanboys! Authentic replica bullwhips are available from the David, a company which has supplied over 30 whips for the production of the four films. I would love to have one to complement the official Indiana Jones fedora I bought over twenty years ago, but the price is steep - the smallest whip (5-foot) is priced at $560! Even if I could afford such an item, I would not be able to resist giving it a try and knowing my luck I would bust my lip or worse. Still, it would be a useful tool to keep our cats in line...

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