Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An End to the Madness?

March is over and I'm proud to say I successfully met the challenge of posting here each day with 31 straight entries! It was fun while it lasted, but I've decided I'm going to put an end to by short-lived blogging career. It just takes up too much of my time with so little return. I think I'll devote the time I have been scheduling to the blog to exercising, getting stuff done around the house, completing some scripts, reaching out to friends and family, spending quality time with my cats, engaging with pundits on the political landscape, satisfying my partner, expanding my mind with literature, and saving the whales. Oh yeah, and helping bring about world peace.


Happy April Fool's Day!!!

On this day I can confidently state that the happy fool is me. While I would, could, and should do many of the above activities, I am pleased to report that this here blog is here to stay! It has actually been quite fun for me and I hope that the half dozen of you who read this (two of which are spambots and another two were mistakenly directed here by some search engine looking for art from the late great Dave Stevens) have enjoyed the ride thus far. I have no idea how long this journey will be nor where we might go, but I am thankful for anyone who takes even the tiniest moment of their time to feign interest in what I have to say. I am not going to promise to post every day. From now on, I'll be posting here because I want to rather than because I have to. And I hope folks will want to read for the same reason. If not, that's okay. I need to keep practicing my typing skills anyway. A lot of days, it is the only exercise I get!

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