Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Creepy Tiki Countdown to Halloween

It's October and the Countdown to Halloween has begun! I'm very excited to once again participate along with 200 other enthusiasts. I've been an active Countdowner since 2009, but last year did not quite go as planned and I did not post nearly as much content as I wanted. However, it's 2014 and I'm back, baby!

If you did not already guess by the title of this post, this year my theme will be tiki in relation to horror and Halloween. If you know me, the only surprise is probably how long it has taken for me to adopt this theme! The connection between the tiki pop culture and horror and monster genre may be loose, but it is strong. As you'll see by the many examples I'll display here on my blog in the coming month. Both seem to inspire many of the same folks in similar manner as well as ways that may surprise you.

I personally have felt a connection to both tiki and the supernatural for as long as I can recall. And both are inspirations for my comic creation, Tiki Zombie. So it is only fitting that I let Tiki Z. launch the "Creepy Tiki Countdown to Halloween!"

So keep watching this blog all month long for some FAN-CREEPY-TIKI-TASTIC content. I can't promise I'll post every day, but there will be more treats than tricks here. Also, be sure to listen to the Earth Station One podcast as we'll be spotlighting a different monster each week.

And two other sites that are not officially part of the Countdown, but are also celebrating the season are Phantom Troublemaker's Needless Things and J.R. Mounts 60 Days of Halloween.   

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