Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ESW Podcast - Episode 41

A special episode of the Earth Station Who podcast live from TimeGate 2013 featuring the Doctor Who Podcast Panel. A great time was had by all in the main ballroom. Recorded live on May 25th 2013 featuring Mike Faber from ESO/ESW, JC & Rita De La Torre from Transmissions from Atlantis, Ian Bisset from the Cultom Collective, Josh Wilson from the Oncoming Storm & Calliope from the Articles of the Shadow Proclamation Podcast. Thanks to the crew at TimeGate for hosting this panel, and a special thanks to the audience who endured our rants and raves about podcasting for an hour or so. *Note* Sound quality isn’t up to usal standards since this was a live recording. Enjoy!
Earth Station Who Episode 41: Doctor Who Podcasting Panel Live from TimeGate 2013
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