Thursday, December 20, 2012

ESO Podcast - Episode 142

The ESO crew goes on a journey we’ve been expecting for nine long years! Mike and Mike with fellow ESO network podcasters JD (The Delta Quadrant) and Van Allen Plexico (White Rocket) review the first chapter of The Hobbit trilogy. Plus, Bobby is on hand to help author Jana Oliver face The Geek Seat and "Howdy Mike" reveals his thoughts on Hitchcock. All this and the usual Rants, Raves, Khan Report, and Shout Outs!
Earth Station One Episode 142: Playing Riddles in the Dark, We Review The Hobbit
Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:08:51 Rants & Raves
0:28:31 Interview & The Geek Seat w/ Jana Oliver
0:53:38 The Hobbit
1:40:08 The Khan Report
1:44:17 ESO Shout Outs
1:52:50 Show Close
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This week's Shout Out goes to Stephanie Gladden's webcomic, Girls of Monster Paradise! Fun for all ages with girls and monsters. Did I mention there's a giant tiki monster? Check it out!

Next week, the Earth Station One crew kicks back and takes it easy. Join us as we take a break from the holiday stress and chill out on the station. That’s right, there’s no topic, so anything can (and probably will) happen!

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