Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cover Rave - Famous Funnies #81

Amidst the chaos comes a comic! Things are busy here in the New Legend offices as we are preparing for the San Diego Comic Con (we'll be in Small Press table L-14), but I had to pause for a moment when a comic I recently purchased on eBay arrived in the mail. I was introduced to the character of Russell Stamm's Invisible Scarlet O'Neil six years ago and she has become a very important character in my life. I have been searching for a decent copy of her first appearance in comics and finally pulled the trigger. Famous Funnies #81 marks the debut of the newspaper reprints starting with Scarlet's origin. Dated April 1941, it is an important and historical issue and now the oldest in my collection. Perhaps even more than that, it features an absolutely gorgeous cover by H.G. Peter, who would go on to illustrate Wonder Woman. As I complete the final proofs for the new Invisible Scarlet O'Neil graphic novel, it is fitting to take a moment to remember where she came from. It is my hope that her re-introduction is as exciting as her comic debut 71 years ago. In a few days, I'll be posting the cover to the new graphic novel and you can judge for yourselves.

Famous Funnies #81
Artist: H.G. Peter

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