Thursday, February 3, 2011

LCS Tour - Titan Comics and Games Duluth

Titan Comics and Games
Duluth, GA

Speaking of Titan Comics and Games, where we recorded episode #45 of the ESO Podcast (see previous post), it was also last week's stop on the LCS Tour. Of course, I've visited the store many times and it is not just a great place to talk Trek, but a better than average comic shop as well. I have noticed that many shops use supplemental products, events or gimmicks to set them apart from the competition. Not so at Titan. They keep it simple. "We sell comics good" is not their public motto, but it could be (even if it not exactly grammatically correct). They have the current titles, decent number of trades and backstock, and super friendly service that will you make look forward to a return trip. An effective business model that has earned Titan the title of "The Atlanta Area's Premier Collectibles Chain." I have not yet visited the other two locations, but they are on my list and I expect I'll find more of the same - and that's a good thing!

To check out all the Local Comic Shops I have visited on this tour, check out my LCS Tour Google Map!

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