Monday, July 19, 2010

Cover Rave - Thor #318

While looking through the back issue bins at the Atlanta Comic Convention yesterday afternoon, one in particular jumped out at me. Perhaps it is due to the fact that lately I have been really getting into the character of Thor (I am really excited for the upcoming movie!). Perhaps it is due to all the news items this week involving Easter Island and the solar eclipse. Moreover, I just think this is a really cool comic book cover! Ever since I've had this blog, I've been thinking of posting some of my favorite covers from my collection. No better time than to begin with my most recent acquisition. The only shame is that I'm not sure of the artist. The interior art is by Gil Kane. If anyone can confirm the identity of the cover artist, please do! Lastly, I did read the story and it is a fun but standard tale of Loki once again trying to outwit his brother. I found it in a dollar bin and and it is well worth the price for the cover alone!

Thor #318
Artist: Gil Kane

UPDATE: A couple of friends on Facebook confirmed that the cover artist is in fact Gil Kane. Thanks Bobby & Kevin!

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