Monday, June 14, 2010

SciFi Summer Con

I am pleased to report that a great time was had at SciFi Summer last weekend! Especially the comics roundtable panel featuring Bobby Nash, Kyle Puttkammer, Peter Cutler, and myself. History was made as I was featured on a panel for the first time ever! The audience was small, but they had some good questions about how to get started in the industry. Bobby represented the "old timer" (hee hee), Kyle the present, while Peter and I were the "new kids on the block." No we did not sing and dance, but hopefully we were entertaining nevertheless.

Peter, Me, and Bobby begin the panel.

Bobby is captivated by my panel skills.

Kyle arrives to present issue #3 of Galaxy Man.

Panel over already? But I was just getting started!

The Sorcerer Supreme left his Sanctum Sanctorum to witness my debut.

I would like to thank my fellow panelists by giving them each a plug!

You can follow the wonderful world of Bobby Nash at his blog - Nash News.

Kyle owns one of the greatest comic shops on the face of the Earth - Galactic Quest.

Peter Cutler has some of his incredible art on display at his deviantART gallery.

Thanks to Theresa for the photos! See more of the con at her SmugMug gallery.

And many thanks to the folks that came to the panel, Chis and the SciFi Summer staff, and all the other guests and attendees for making me feel welcome! Let's do it again next year!

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Bobby Nash said...

"old timer"? Aren't you new kids older than me? :)