Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Indy Book of the Week - Freak Show

I did some comic shopping while I was in Dublin last week and picked up the first couple of volumes of Freak Show published by Atomic Diner. I also had the pleasure of meeting writer Robert Curley at his comic shop in Dublin, Sub-City. Great guy, great store. I started reading the first trade as soon as I got home and couldn't put it down. It is a blend of detective 40's noir and 50's silver age. Think L.A. Confidential meets The Outer Limits. The stories feature art by Stephen Mooney and Stephen Thompson. I crowed about Mooney in my last indy post and I'm pleased to say that his work here has impressed me even more. And Thompson's contributions are equally brilliant. After tearing through both volumes, I checked the net for more and was surprised to learn that these are a few years old! They may not be new, but they were new to me and if you can find the single issues or trades, I strongly recommend picking them up. I have read that Robert is working on other projects, but I hope there's more Freak Show to come!

Many thanks to FlintLockjaw, warpspeed,mickr7an, and Leftcoastlove at TheComicForums for their suggestions for Irish comic shops!

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