Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Indy Book of the Week - Angel

I was going to try and stay away from licensed comics in my weekly indy recommendations, but since I am off to Dublin this week, I thought it would be cool to spotlight an Irish talent.

Artist Stephen Mooney saved IDW's Angel series from being removed from my pull list. When the "After the Fall" story arc began depicting "official" events after the tv series, I was not wowed by what I was reading. However, I do think the book has gotten better as it has continued and I strongly recommend the current arc, "Boys and Their Toys." Beginning with issue #26, Angel and Spike check out Comic-Con to save the geeks from the freaks, but it is not so easy to tell the difference. Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney have a lot of fun in this arc, and there's plenty of fanboy easter eggs and cameos throughout. I am pleased to say that Angel is climbing to the top of the stack to hang with Dark Horse's Buffy: Season Eight series.

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