Monday, November 3, 2008

Post Halloween Post

As I mentioned previously, we had a lot of leftover comics and candy this year. We didn't see nearly as many kids. None of the costumes really stood out either. Had some fun watching Charlie Brown once again, as well as the Simpsons' parody (took 'em a while, but it was worth the wait). The Monster Movie Mini Marathon was fun too! Here's some quick takes on each:

Vampyr - Early German cinema is known for unforgettable visuals and director Carl Theodor Dreyer does not disappoint. While not as striking as Nosferatu nor The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, there were a couple of sequences that stood out. Very dreamlike.

Mark of the Vampire - Four years after the success of Dracula, director Tod Browning and actor Bela Lugosi reunite to bring us this tale with a twist. I can definitely tell that Browning has grown more polished and has been given more money! Worth watching solely for Lionel Barrymore's performance.

Die, Monster, Die - When Boris is not onscreen, this movie drags. A bit like an extra-long episode of The Outer Limits. Not enough creep nor enough camp.

By far, my favorite event of the weekend was Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play! If you ever have the chance, go see it!

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